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Secure Data & Analysis Enclave

Soteria changes the way researchers analyze and manage projects with protected data like Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI).


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A Secure Data & Analysis Enclave

  • It is common for datasets to have protected data with embedded identifiable information about participants (name, address, patient ID, etc.). De-identifying these datasets may not be feasible.
  • Analyzing these datasets requires interdisciplinary teams that need their preferred analysis tools and platforms to process these datasets.
  • Data providers including healthcare entities and governmental agencies, etc. require assurance and adherence to compliance for how these datasets are managed.
  • Soteria is a secure enclave where teams can collaboratively organize and analyze data while adhering to compliance requirements associated with protected data.


Resources and Tools Available Through Soteria

Soteria brings together multiple state-of-the-art research tools — commercial and academic, some of which were developed at UArizona and are not available anywhere else—that are what makes the platform so powerful. Explore which tools can propel your research forward.

Explore the Tools

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Include Soteria in Your Proposals

If you would like to include the use of Soteria to support your proposals, complete the application to request access form to discuss your proposal at least two weeks before the submission deadline. We will provide customized content for a facilities document, data management plan, and budget for your proposal. Currently, the use of many Soteria components is offered at no cost, as it is underwritten by the UArizona Health Sciences Strategic Initiative 5.3.


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Soteria is Right for Your Research

Soteria was built with the UArizona researcher in mind. If the following statements describe your work, then you could benefit from streamlining and safeguarding your research with Soteria:

  • Your research involves use of protected data of any kind including PII, PHI, education records, etc.
  • Your project requires complex or large-scale computational analysis with data that includes protected data like PII or PHI.
  • You need to have the ability to collaborate with a research team, data provider, or statistician in a secure environment.

Get Started

Let's Put Soteria to Work for You!

Getting started with Soteria is simple. Begin by filling out an application for access with your IRB status. We’ll walk you through the rest. If you’re still in the IRB process, we can help you demonstrate how you’ll safeguard PII/PHI with Soteria.

Get Started